Apply for a Show


From the list

Select the show for which you are applying from the list on the right.

This will take you to the show's page. Click the "Apply for this Show" link on the Show's page once you've confirmed you have the right show. Alternatively you can find the show via the "Shows" tab above.

  • If you do not already have a site account you will be redirected to complete the registration process first.
  • You can find your application under "My Account" where updates to your show details can be made.
  • Once approved, your show will be entered into the front page "What's On" queue.

Can't find the show?

If you know the name of the show and absolutely sure it's not listed, you may enter the show name and details in this form. Please note that approval and processing may take longer using this method.

Still Stuck?

As always, feel free to contact us.