Death & Taxe$

“Death & Taxes” is a madcap financial farce set in the very topical world of insurance and  investments. It’s a crime story, ghost story and hilarious comedy. Featuring dodgy deals, a potty psychic, a fishy tax inspector, a nutty cop, murder, mayhem and a hairy yak!


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Plot / Synopsis

The play takes place in the office of the Destiny Life Assurance Company.

Scene 1 Monday morning
Scene 2 Monday mid morning
Scene 3 Tuesday morning
Scene 4 A short time afterwards
Scene 5 Tuesday afternoon
Scene 6 Tuesday afternoon – later on

Scene 1 Thursday morning
Scene 2 Friday morning



Gareth Burke Middle or late middle-aged insurance agent. An arrogant,
offensive, show-off who thinks he’s God’s gift. Gareth
gesticulates punctuation.

Tiffany Martin Late 20’s/early 30’s – Receptionist. A bimbo with attitude and a
gold digger.

Enid Burke Middle or late middle-aged – Gareth’s wife. A domineering,
large, intimidating woman with expensive taste.

Bob Greene Early ‘40s. An unambitious insurance agent. Nice and polite and
single; still lives with his mother.

Lucille Potts Middle aged female insurance agent. Lucille is an ambitious
saleswoman. She is a dowdy, frumpy spinster and although
confident in business, she is extremely uncomfortable with
anything of a sexual or personal nature.

Douglas Graves
Middle aged Business Development Manager. Nasal and
monotone, unsmiling and slightly creepy. Think of Mr Bean
crossed with the manic depressive robot from “Hitchhikers Guide
to the Galaxy”.

Ted Patchett 30’s or 40’s - detective inspector who habitually quotes from
movies and impersonates his favourite stars.

Elizabeth Battersea Aged 68 – a forthright widow who doesn’t suffer fools and speaks her mind.

Production Costs

12.5% of Box Office. In New Zealand inquire to