Curl Up and Die

It's blue-rinse murder at the last chance salon!

When Ruth inherits her Aunt's antiquated hair salon, the antiquated clientele comes with it. The old girls’ weekly shampoo and sets are put on hold however when Ruth enters a prestigious hairdressing competition - her desperate attempt to drag the salon into the twenty-first century.

Ruth shuts up shop to surreptitiously work on her competition entry (Elenka, a Slovakian model, who has arrived for a special hair creation), but a locked door and a ‘closed’ sign is no deterrent for the spirited blue-rinse brigade. When they finagle their way in, Ruth's assistant, Bryony, is forced to make everything seem 'normal' to them, so they won't suspect that Ruth has even entered the competition, as winning it means end of their cosy way of life.




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(3m, 7f)

  • Ruth - 32, a highly skilled hairdresser, owner of 'Coiffure de Dames'
  • Bryony - 17-19, junior / trainee hairdresser
  • Dr Lemon - 40, the local GP (m)
  • Elenka Svecova - 22-25, a Slovakian model
  • Dolly Chorlick - 80s, the Salon helper and tea lady
  • Mrs Enid Cotterill - 80s, a client at the Salon
  • Mrs Mavis Lundy - 80s, a client at the Salon
  • Jordi Chinchilla - 38-42, Spanish photographer (m)
  • Gonky Blatent-Severs - 30s, Assistant Editor for ‘Fab Hair’ magazine (f)
  • Mr Woodpigeon - 60+, Health and Safety officer working for Westminster City Council


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