Warp Drive - the Totally Unauthorised Star Trek Musical Parody.

Warp Drive: boldly going where no musical has gone before!

Join Captain James T. Jerk, his offsider Mr Phock, and the crew of the Starship Enterthise as they roam the galaxy searching for signs of intelligent life (having found none on Earth). During their rounds they intercept a signal offering free steak knives. Who could make such an offer in deep space? The war-like but jewelry- wearing Blingons? The hive-like Blog? And what are the crews from other Star Trek franchises doing in this show? Ultimately the quest for free steak knives leads the crew to a meeting with the Entity, and an attempt to split infinity…

Warp Drive has  catchy tunes, and is written to be enjoyed by people who know little or nothing about Star Trek.

The original versions played twice a night: an early family-friendly session and a late night session for more mature tastes.

Warp Drive can be performed as a one Act Musical or as a Double Sci-Fi feature with Hyperspace.


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Plot / Synopsis

Synopsis of Scenes:


1. Voice Over

2. The Bridge of the Star Ship Enterthise

3. The Bridge of the Star Ship Enterthise: Beta Quadrant

4. Planet Blingon

                5. Somewhere Dark & Mysterious

6. The Bridge of the Star Ship Enterthise

7. The Void

8. The Bridge of the Star Ship Enterthise



Cast List


CAPTAIN JAMES T. JERK                  Captain of the Star Ship Enterthise


MR PHOCK                                           his offsider


LIEUTENANT O-YOU-HOO              communications officer of the Enterthise (pref. female)


LOHO                                                     pilot of the Star Ship Enterthise


CONES                                                   chief medical officer of the Enterthise


CAPT JEAN-PUC LICARD                 the future Captain of the Star Ship Enterthise


WATA  (pronounced “Waiter”)              his offsider


CAPTAIN JANE GANGWAY             the other Captain of the Star Ship Enterthise  (female)


THE ENTITY                                         mystical, mighty, and mysterious entity, may be played offstage as a voice over


EMPEROR PALPITATE                       dark lord of the Sith who is in the wrong show


NEVER-U-MIND                                                  total hottie babe


BLINGON CHIEF                                 Chief of the Blingon, evil materialistic race of aliens


BLOG QUEEN                                      Queen of the Blog, evil aliens with hive-like mentality


DISCO CAMEO                                    singer with a disco-song cameo


plus a plethora of Crew of the Enterthise, Blingons, and Blog

Instrumentation / Rentals

Electric Guitar, Piano/keyboard, Bass, Drums.

Production Costs

12.5% of Box Office on its own or 16% as Sci-Fi Double Feature with Hyperspace. $350 for Licence to photocopy script and vocal line. Plus set of band parts.