Pinocchio (Musical)

This is the story of Pinocchio the little wooden puppet who came to life because of a wish made by his maker, Geppetto.

Follow Pinocchio as he travels through Italy meeting many interesting characters including the Blue Fairy, the cunning Fox and Cat, the evil puppet master Fire Eater, the naughty boys from The Land of Toys, Tunny the tuna, and the Cricket.

Watch him learn about life and how very special it is to finally one day achieve his dream of becoming a real boy!

This musical production of Carlo Collodi’s famous novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ has been written by Gabrielle
Murphy, a performing arts teacher, as a whole school production for children from the age of 5 to 12 to perform.


Act One : 60 Minutes

Act Two: 40 Minutes


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12 Main Roles: *denotes singing role

1. *Pinocchio
2. *Geppetto
3. *Blue Fairy
4. *Cricket
5. *Fox
6. *Cat
7. Fire Eater
8. *Harlequin
9. *Annabella
10. *Tunny
11. *Lampwick
12. Circus Master
Smaller Speaking Roles
1. Albatross
2. Bakerwoman
3. Boy
4. Buyer
5. Child
6. Coal man
7. Boy Donkey
8. Pinocchio Donkey
9. Lampwick Donkey
10. Farmer John
11. Lady
12. Man
13. Old Man
14. Seller 1
15. Seller 2
16. Seller 3
17. *Paulo
18. *Eugene
19. *Angelo
20. *Roberto
21. Signorina Rosa
22. Wagon Driver

Suggested Group Roles for Grades
Preps: Children in the dormitory
Grade 1: Marionettes in the Puppet Theatre
Grade 2: Fish
Grade 3: Food sellers in the marketplace
Grade 4: Circus performers
Grade 5/6 girls: Local village dancers
Grade 5/6 boys: Boys in the Land of Toys


Character Description.

ALBATROSS A kind bird who helps Pinocchio get back to his father
ANNABELLA The Prima Donna Marionette
BAKERWOMAN A lady from the village who sells bread
BERRY SELLER 1 A person selling strawberries at the seaside village
BERRY SELLER 2 The assistant selling berries at the seaside village
BLUE FAIRY Kind fairy who brings Pinocchio to life.
BOY Boy from the village who buys Pinocchio’s book
BUYER Person who buys the lame donkey Pinocchio from the Circus Master
CAT A swindler who is the partner of the Fox
CHILD The child who asks for a story to be read before they go to bed.
CIRCUS MASTER A cruel man who runs the circus
COALMAN A man from the village
CRICKET Pinocchio’s conscience who acts on behalf of the Blue Fairy
A schoolboy who has turned into a donkey. Also plays Pinocchio as a donkey.
FARMER JOHN A kindly farmer who gives Pinocchio a job
FIRE EATER The puppet master of the Marionette Theatre.
FOX A swindler who tries to rob Pinocchio
GEPPETTO Pinocchio’s maker and loving father
HARLEQUIN The most important male marionette in the show
LADY A lady from the village who is protective of Pinocchio
LAMPWICK The ringleader schoolboy who tells Pinocchio to go to The Land of Toys
MAN A man from the village
OLD MAN An old man from the village who thinks Pinocchio is a scoundrel
Naughty schoolboys who go to The Land of Toys
PINOCCHIO A puppet made by Geppetto brought to life by the Blue Fairy
POLICEMAN A local policeman from the village
SELLER 1, 2, 3 Food sellers at the market in Pinocchio’s village
SIGNORINA ROSA The schoolteacher who introduces the story of Pinocchio
TUNNY A friendly tuna whom Pinocchio meets
WAGON DRIVER The man who drove the boys into The Land of Toys



Sample Music

Once Upon A Time Storyland.

Pinocchio. Pinnochio.

Some Who Loves Me.

Sample Script

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Instrumentation / Rentals

Wonderful CD Backing Track.

Production Costs

14% of Box Office.