Red Riding Hood

A traditional pantomime set in the Tyrolean mountains where Maria (who wears a red riding hood) meets her Prince, is bewitched by a Witch, attacked by a Wolf, but finally saved by Fairy Twinkle. 

Interspersed throughout all of her adventures are the attempts by the dastardly Colonel Von Heinstien and his hapless henchpeople, Hans Knees and Bumpsy Daisy, to evict the gloriously gung-ho Gerty from her Inn because she hasn’t paid the rent for six years!


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7m, 4f, 1m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)


  • Gerty : Dame, the proprietor of The Blue Boar Inn (m)
  • Idle Jack : Gerty’s son, friend of Liesl
  • Maria : ‘Red Riding Hood,’ Gerty’s daughter
  • Liesl : Post Girl, friend of Idle Jack
  • Colonel Von Heinstien : Ex-German Gestapo, nasty (m)
  • Corporal Hans Knees : Ex-German SS, nasty (m)
  • Lance Corporal Bumpsy Daisy : Ex-German SS, nasty (written as female, but could be male)
  • Horrible Hilda : Witch of the woods, extra nasty
  • Fairy Twinkle : Maria’s fairy godmother
  • Wolf : King of the woods (m)
  • Count Frederick : Austrian aristocrat, friend of Prince Bernard, falls in love with Gerty
  • Prince Bernard : Principal boy, falls in love with Maria

Together with a Chorus of courtiers, dancers, fairies, hunters, picknickers, Witch’s slaves, three pigs etc


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