Gabrielle Murphy



Gabrielle Murphy was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and is from a large musical family. For many years as a child she sang with her sisters and toured nationally both with her sisters and later a range of bands supporting international artists. She later studied at Deakin University and completed a degree in Applied Science. This was then followed by a Graduate Diploma Degree in Education at RMIT where she majored in Performing Arts.


Over the years she has written a number of songs in a range of styles and has produced a variety of Cd’s which have been marketed for different sectors of the community.


Working as an experienced performing arts teacher, Gabrielle saw the importance of all children from the age of five being given the chance to perform on stage singing, dancing and acting with their school peers. This belief led her to write her first Whole School Musical Production, ‘Pinocchio’ in 2008.  In 2010 she wrote another Whole School Musical Production ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Both shows have since been performed by a number of schools in Melbourne.


Gabrielle continues to work as a performing arts teacher whilst still pursuing her love of singing, song writing and the writing and production of new musicals.