New DSP Office

I recently finished building a new office which is now headquarters for David Spicer Productions and Stage Whispers Magazine.

Pictured here are some of writers who joined to help launch the office. In the front row from Left.

Clem Gorman - writer of Drama and Comedy.

Dennis Watkins - writer of Beach Blanket Tempest and Burger Brain.

Neil Gooding - writer of Back to the 80's.

David Spicer

Frank Hatherley - writer of plays and musicals.

Second Row.

Peter Pinne - prolific writer and composer of musicals.

Neil Litchfield - Editor of Stage Whispers Magazine.

Peter Stannard - composer of Lola Montez.

and Peter Novakovich Writer and Composer of Musicals and New Managing Director of David Spicer Productions.

Yes I do represent female writers. I am sure they will come to the next function!