If dogs can understand ‘sit’ and walkies’ it’s not too much of an extension of that to believe that they could perhaps understand more complex human conversations. Add to that the rather more absurd concept that a dog could be so annoyed by those conversations as well as by what it sees going on around it, that it might need to talk to us humans, and you have the rationale for this play.



Production History


  • 2012: Hartwell Players in Melbourne produced for the  2012 Dandenong Ranges One-Act Play Festival, where it was nominated for Best Comedy
  • 2016:  Quids in Theatre in Aberdeen, Scotland, for its Lunch Box Theatre production.
  • 2018: Toodyay Theatre Group, Western Australia.
  • 2019: Second Thoughts Drama Group in London, at the Bear Pit Theatre in 2019 as a Triple Bill of One Act Comedies, which won a NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) Award.
  • 2024 Lithgow Theatre Company


Duration 45 Minutes. 


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Plot / Synopsis

When Julie discovers that her pet chihuahua Andre (aka Supersnout) can talk, she is incredulous. She is even more shocked when she discovers what he has to say. Andre has sniffed out that Julie’s husband Tom is having an affair. With Andre’s encouragement, Julie sends Tom to the doghouse  – and mistress and dog live happily ever after








(2m, 2f)

  • Julie - 30s, a PR officer
  • Tom - 30s, an executive at a finance company
  • Andre - their pet Chihuahua, (no animal costume necessary: just face make-up and the right attitude) (m)
  • Gloria - 30 something, Tom’s mistress and colleague