The Ladybirds

The village drama group has lost all their men. The future looks bleak until a bright, young director, Francesca Delmarco, agrees to help them out.

She is professionally trained and she has a plan which will give the group a new lease of life. She persuades them to enter the 'Dame Agnes Wragg Festival of One Act Plays for an All Female Cast' with a play she has written herself.

Francesca's play is controversial; it concerns a lesbian couple who want to have a baby. When the word gets out, the vicar's wife, Agatha Frost, attempts to ban the production. However, The Players have their own way of dealing with misguided authority.

"Lively, irreverent and fast moving ... it works!" George Owen Drama Association of Wales.






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Plot / Synopsis

 Duration : 50 minutes.


(This play has a sequel in 'The Ladybirds: Francesca Returns' but can be played on its own)




  • Marge - officious, domineering, retired civil servant
  • Betty - quick witted, retired matron
  • Faye - aspiring actress who has missed the boat, an aesthete
  • Francesca - young director, enthusiastic and ambitious, angry
  • Julie - college girl with a fresh innocence
  • Babs - the general dogsbody
  • Agatha Frost - the Vicar's wife, Chair of the Community Council
  • Drama Competition judge
  • Jenny - a prize-winner (non speaking role)


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Production Costs

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