Gillian M Wadds


Gillian has worked in theatre as an actor, a director and a writer for forty years. She has written television scripts for the ABC and Crawford Productions.

Her play, Who Cares? Was performed by Queensland theatre Company and toured outback Queensland for three weeks under the auspices of the Queensland Arts Council. Who Cares? is published in Australia, by Currency Press and also in the USA and the UK.

From 1996 to 2003, Gillian worked for Titanic Entertainments, writing and directing various theatre productions: Titanic to New York, The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic, and Jessie of the Titanic. A ‘different’ sort of  theatre-restaurant, these shows were played throughout the night as the audience dined, wined, danced and became involved as passengers in the theatrical presentation.

In 2006 and 2007 her Junior fiction novels “Chemical Leak!” and “Sea Secrets” were published by Lothian/Hachette Books Australia. “Chemical Leak!” was republished in 2007 in response to demands for its use in schools. Both books are now available through the author’s website and also as e-books through Google Books.

In 2008, after “Silly Old Buggers” had been workshopped with a professional cast, the show was accepted into the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Gillian suddenly had to become a Producer and “Silly Old Buggers” played a very successful season, going on to more success at Chapel off Chapel in Prahran, Vic. More information about the show is at:

Reviews, audience reactions and video of the finale can be seen at and a search for Silly Old Buggers on YouTube will bring up three of the songs recorded in 2010. DVDs of the show at the Comedy Festival are also available.

Gillian’s full background can be seen on