Daniel and Gideon Frankel


 Writers – Music Producers – Founders and owners of award-winning music production and publishing company Dare Music, Daniel & Gideon Frankel compose hit songs, produce and write music for films, theatre, television and major recording artists in Australia and overseas. Their work reaches the who’s who in Hollywood, including Jennifer Anniston when the Brothers co-wrote and produced the closing song for her film, “Call me Crazy”.

Their latest hot project is to craft the musical scores, lyrics and sound-tracks for “Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience” – a major musical comedy directed by Glynn Nicholas.   “We are excited to be collaborating with Glynn and we are passionate about working with the complete smorgasboard of musical styles that Song Contest demands from dance, electronica, folk, acoustic and classical”, says Daniel Frankel.

Last year Dare won New York Festivals International Film and Television Award for Shanghai Tourism ”City of Inspiration” for which they composed and produced the epic orchestral soundtrack.