Spy Club


Set in the famous Spyglass Club frequented by a hot bed of  Russian, American and British businessmen, spies and gypsies with names such as Artie Choke, and Mona Littlemore.

The audience are patrons of the club and are given a special assignment to laugh themselves silly at the mayhem and listen out for titles to James Bond movies.   

Mona:  (sad sigh)  Ivan, Ivan YuraStinker.  My Russian Adonis.  He came to me from Russia with love ."





Plot / Synopsis

 In the  city of Balaclavastan in the country of Romanastanaslovakia, in Central Europe, you can find the famous Spyglass Club.  In the first half of the 20th Century, this club is a hotbed of Russians, Americans and British business men, expats, gypsies and …… even a few spies.  One day a young woman appears, searching for her father.  She meets many intriguing, colourful characters, most of whom are not who they appear to be.  Risking her life,  she uncovers the truth and finds more than she could ever imagine ….

 Join in the madness and mayhem, twists and turns, songs and dances and the terrible and not so terrible jokes as we journey with spies and gypsies through this exciting adventure!


16 actors.    8 female and 8 male.  But you could have extra 2-3 woman and one man as gypsies, waiters/waitresses, dancers and club patrons.  Extra lines for these characters can be incorporated as desired. 

Mona Littlemore       Owner/Performer in her Nightclub.  Female 30+  
Sofie Sugarlips         Barmaid at the Cabaret.  Has worked there for many years, wants to be a performer but hasn’t had her lucky   break.  Secretly in love with the bartender.  Female 20+
Tina Dresser              Assistant Manager of Cabaret, in charge of the girls, sews the costumes, looks after the accounts. Secretly     in love with Sir Roger.  Female 30+
Marion Nett                Talented singer/dancer Orphan daughter of Clara Nett looking for her real father.  Female 18-30
Artie Choke                Russian henchman –the smart one.   Female any age 

Ronda Vu       /Fifuka            Russian Scientist with secret formula & Gypsy Fortune Teller Female 20+ 
Donka/Minni Bar       Donka (means invaluable) (female)  Double as Minni Bar, the Waitress/Dancer
Dika/Dancer               Gypsy/Waitress/Dancer (female/male)
Clara Nett                   Appears only as ghost and  to sing Somewhere with Charlie.  Good role for a female director or one of the extras!
Extra Female Roles    If you wish, you can have extra Gypsies and Dancers in scenes as wanted.  Dancers can be in the audience and select audience members to dance with during the appropriate songs.

Charlie Spade             Aged American Secret Agent with a chequered past.  Known as a womanizer, but only had one true love. (Previously known as Tommy Gunn which was his other spy name)  Male 40+
Joe King                      Kind, hardworking bartender.  Secretly in love with Barmaid but can’t pluck up the courage to ask her out. Turns out to be an American CIA spy Male 20+
Sir Roger Richman     Rich British Earl, travelling the world looking for love.  Sincere but innocent in the ways of love and doesn’t see what is right under his nose. 40+
Jeeves/St John           Sir Roger’s Butler.  Turns out to be deputy head of the British Secret Service MI6, St John Smyth.  Male 20+
Jack Bond                Harmless old homeless man who hangs around outside the cabaret, trying to be Jack the Ripper.  Turns out he is British Secret Agent Jack Bond. (son of James)  Male 20+  (also may appear as extra Gypsy in Act 1)
Morrie Pulsive          Special GuestComedian at the Club  (If necessary, this part can be omitted and the dialog reworked with the bartender doing the monolog and the rest of his dialog shared among other cast members)
Ivan YuraStinker      Russian KGB SPY.  Turns out to be a double agent.  A British Spy working undercover as a Russian Spy. (much prefers to be known as Ivan the Fox)   Male, 40+         
Gunna Putin               Russian henchman – the dumb one!  Male any age
Club Announcer        This is the announcer at the club.  Sound Man may do this.  No stage acting. 
Extra Male Roles        If you wish, you can have Extra Gypsies and/or Nightclub guests in Act One such as Sheik Yiboudi to add more international flavour. 

This show requires many of the actors to be on stage a lot of the time.  

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