Aussie Rules the Musical

Aussie Rules ~ The Musical isn’t about putting football players in tutus and having a bit of a giggle. It is a new, fun-filled comedy with clever songs, dances and hilarious situations. It also has a serious side, examining the effects of the urbanisation of Australia with country towns losing much of the traditional infrastructure and recognising the valuable role sporting and service clubs play in uniting communities.

But Aussie Rules ~ The Musical never loses its emphasis on fun, music, dance and most of all …hope!

Aussie Rules ~ The Musical was produced for its premiere season in August 2000 by Hobart’s Old Nick Theatre Company. The box office return and public reaction surpassed expectations.




8 Males (2 x mid forties, 1 thirtyish and 5 x late-teens, early twenties)

6 Females (1 x mid-forties and 5 late teens or early to mid twenties)



·        Commentator / Narrator                 Lofty Latham             (40s  +)


·        The Coach                                     Ozzie Moore               (40s +)

·        The Captain                                    Kingo                          (early to mid-30s)

·        The Full Forward                            Roger                          (about 20 ~ ideally a good


·        The Team  (4)                                all in their 20s, includes


                                                            Muff, (actually Bill, owner of local garage and    muffler shop, known as Muffelo Bill,)

                                                            LH, Leonardo Taranio, (local hairdresser,  known as LH Torana), and

                                                            Sprog  (the actor playing Sprog doubles as …)

The Umpire.


·        Ozzie’s wife                                    Sheila Moore             (40s +)

·        Football Queen                               Tina, (Kingo’s long-term girlfriend.

A big woman about 30)


The Girlfriends (4)                                all in their 20s, includes

                                                            Carlene, (Muff’s partner)

                                                            Jodi, (Mark’s partner)

                                                            Nicola and

                                                            Vicki (Sprog’s partner, who also doubles as….)

                                                            The Goal Umpire.


                                                                                                TOTAL 14 characters


“The Team” and “The Girlfriends” form the chorus.

Sample Music

Instrumentation / Rentals

Orchestra: Aussie Rules ~ The Musical is scored for six instruments; keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, cello and saxophone/clarinet.

Production Costs

14% of Box Office.