Spike Milligan

( Courtesy www.spikemilligan.co.uk/ )

Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan was born in India to an english mother and an Irish father who was serving in the British Army. During his teens and early twenties Spike performed as a Jazz musician and was already starting to write comedy sketches.

During the Word War II Spike served in the Royal Artilery which led to him being wounded in action whilst serving in Italy. During this time he continued his love of jazz and comedy by entertaining the troops with concert parties.

On his return to England during the late 1940's he continued appearances in several musical comedy acts, Spike then had a big break into the world of radio both writing scripts for and performing in the now famous 'Goon Show' with other comedy greats such as Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe. The Goon Show ran from 1951 with the last one in 1972.

From Radio Spike naturally progressed onto TV appearing in numerous TV show including 'A show called Fred', 'The World of Beachcomber' and 'The Q Series'.

Spike also excelled in the writing of nonsense poems and verse having many books published and to his credit some of which are still taught in schools.

Spike was without doubt a comedy great and helped shape the landscape of British comedy.

Spike was born in 1918 and passed away ( he told you he was ill) in 2002.